Pork Chops, Parmesan Crisp, Mushroom Risotto.

Apologies for the lack of updates! Dave and I have been sooooo super busy. That’s just the way it is in Singapore. Meals with his family, meals with my family, meals with friends, errands…

One of the more adventurous things we did was hosting a muji-packet-dinner. The “challenge” was to use a sauce/ seasoning/ prepacked-something from muji in every dish. It was great fun and arguably the least stressful of all the dinners we ever hosted! Roasted vegetables with yuzu pepper, squid ink pasta, mango and roasted tea pudding… Thankfully, our friends were such great sport and didn’t mind eating “un-gourmet” food. Unfortunately, I have no idea which memory card we stored the photos on. Like I said, we were busy, cameras exchanged hands, family members flew around the world…Memory cards got lost in translation.

In the past 2 months, I also learned how to make kaya, hainanese chicken rice and snow skin mooncake. Yup, no idea where the pictures are either.

Tonight, I made a small dinner for my family and friend alv. Nothing fancy. Just home-cooked food. Parmesan crisps were a hit. Thanks Mrs. Chris Martin for the recipe via goop.com.

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